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Celebrity & Artist Management

Whether it is a wedding or a birthday bash, an occasion is quite boring to attend in the absence of an entertainment pop. And especially when it comes to modern weddings, people go crazy planning the same. Lots of stage shows, music, dance performances, lazer shows and what not is there to entertain the guests! But above all, there is a reason that adds special spark to your wedding if we are your wedding planners. Excited to know? Our huge list of celebrities; yes being well flourished in the market and renowned as one of the top most wedding planners in Delhi, we have maintained good relations with most of the Bollywood and television stars and therefore we promise to add embellishments to your wedding day by bringing your favourite star out there.

Organize a Celebrity Appearance

Indeed, weddings get trendier and more pleasurable with a celebrity guest appearance. This rates your wedding with high standards and you are remembered for flaunting a luxurious wedding with hot stars. There is definitely a whooping fee charged by them, but modern brides and grooms just love to go this fancy way. It's all the game of money. The more capable you are of spending, the higher class celebrities agree to appear on your special day.

Our idea of doing celebrity management at weddings is absolutely distinguished because we not only arrange a pleasant surprise for you and your guests but for celebrities too. Giving a red carpet welcome to them, with lots of love and honor is in our hospitality. And the bonus you get by choosing us for your celebrity or artist management is- amazingly reduced prices!

Choose to go for a Celebrity Performance

Celebrities at weddings are surely a dream coming true for many and watching their performances live is an elite experience. In addition to some of the renowned Bollywood stars, we aspire to adorn your wedding event with live performances of the latest Indian Idols and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa champions also. Besides, dancing stars from Dance India Dance are also on our celebrity list. It's absolutely on your choice and affordability. You share with us your preferences, and we promise to brighten up your event accordingly.

There are certain clauses that have to be discussed with the agents of superstars prior to their appearance; otherwise the entire scene could be erupted at the last moment. And being familiar with some of the crucial aspects, we know how to handle them. We have clear management norms and therefore, we make sure to end your wedding day with a celebrity appearance as a huge success and that too at bargain prices.

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Exclusive Wedding Lehengas

Indian brides are known to be good-looking and glamorous from the very ancient times. And the essential bridal attire that helps in personifying their beauty is a traditional lehenga with a blend of modernization. Since last so many decades, bridal lehengas delhi have captured the interest of Indian women, which they wish to wear on their special day of life; wedding! In the present scenario, with the ongoing trend of fusion in every individual aspect, bridal dresses in delhi too are manufactured in a wide range of Indo-western to traditional ensembles. With rich colours, antique and exotic embroideries that truly symbolize festivity and lushness, these outfits are created with an interesting blend of eastern and western cultures, and these are available in a wide range of fabrics like Satins, Crepes, Brocades and Silks.

We at Get Your Venue have some of the best manufacturers of wedding lehengas in delhi on our panel and we have tied up with them to offer you the latest designs at affordable prices. We understand your desire to become the most stunning Indian bride on your wedding day and we are hence always happy to do the homework for you.

To present you with a rich collection of Indian wedding lehengas in delhi, we have collaborated with some of the best fashion designers. They might charge you higher if you contact them personally, but our friendly relations with them and the regular business we fetch them grant you a chance to get your favourite attire at a very reasonable price. Working with them, makes us confident that every client of ours gets something or the other to suit their taste and budget. Our foremost priority is to adorn 'the Bride of the Day' and for this, we ensure she looks and feels amazing the most momentous day of her life!

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Get Exotic Bridal Mehndi Artists

Mehndi or Henna, the art that tends to fill up your life with its color and fragrance Surely there is something utterly magical about applying mehndi, especially about rubbing your palms together and removing the dried silt off your hands. Maybe, it’s the feeling of being adorned and treated like a queen at your mehndi ceremony. Maybe it’s the euphoric and blissful ambiance that envelopes the event. Or maybe, it’s the exotic patterns in elegant shades of red, orange and brown, with every cogitable color in between, peeking through the blackish green paste. Well, whatever it might be, if it brings a smile on a to-be-bride's face or aggrandizes her wedding celebrations by even the slightest, GetYourVenue will offer the service...... Read More

Lodging & Transportation

Transport at your Service The Getyourvenue team takes care of your esteemed guests and friends the way you want. With a well known & reputed travel house in Delhi on our panel, our team of warm and hospitable professionals makes sure that you get the best wedding transportation in Delhi. This travel operator has 3 company owned offices in Delhi NCR region and it deals in transport services like arranging taxis, drop and pick facilities, arranging drivers and other jobs. We, at Getyourvenue, work in sync with them to take care of all needs for transportation for wedding in Delhi so that you do not face any kind of problem while your entire stay in our city. Hotels, motels and guest houses are also arranged under our services of wedding accommodation Delhi. We provide mass room booking services in hotels and other staying venues. With complete solutions for transportation and lodging for wedding in Delhi, makes your wedding a hassle free occasion where your guests become our responsibility as we arrange a pleasant stay for them. ..... Read More

Varmala Themes

Indian weddings are known for their immense pomp and show. They are performed pretty dramatically and the idea of using special effects has genuinely caught the fancy of many people. Apart from LED screens, laser lights, and use of hydraulics with lots of music and dance, a wide range of traditional to contemporary wedding ideas are taken care of. When it comes to "Varmala Time", wedding organisers bring together loads of creativity, visualization and meticulous planning and organize a perfect jaimala theme for your wedding. There are several varmala themes Delhi weddings follow these days, and you have complete freedom in your hands to choose your style. A Jaimala Ceremony inaugurates the entire wedding event, and therefore it has to be special. The entire crowd beholds the Varmala stage and there are lots of expectations among the guests to witness a creative display of garland exchanging. ..... Read More

Wedding Decorators in Delhi

Picture this – an enjoyable, hassle-free and satisfying wedding decor experience from the time of booking till your function ends – no more perturbations, no more trepidation and no more agitations about decorating your event. Your leisure time is your own once more!

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Wedding Photography

A wedding brings not just two people, but their entire families together. Here, a variety of people from different cultures come together and celebrate the beginning of an auspicious journey. The blushing of the couple, the playfulness of kids, the tearful goodbyes by the elders – all these emotions and more, are a sacred part of our Indian culture. It is to capture these precious moments that GetYourVenue’s team of wedding photographers in Delhi NCR exists!

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Wedding Trousseau & Gift Packaging

When we talk about a perfect Indian wedding, there are plenty of preparations that one has to do for the big day. From deciding the venue, conceptualizing the idea, dishing up lavish meals to decorating it beautifully with drapes, candles, lights, flowers, curtains and centre pieces we do it all with utmost perfection. Are we missing something? Of course, how can we forget Wedding Trousseau and Gift Packaging? Be it Roka, Sagan or Wedding, no Indian wedding ceremony is complete without a glamorous trousseau packaging. Wedding trousseau arranged & displayed stylishly in fancy trays, baskets, platters and exotic bags creates an alluring effect turning simple gifts into one of its kind pieces.

We exercise some of the most stunning styles to adorn the trousseau of a bride. Artificial and real flowers, glitters, brocade, velvet and satin, ribbons, laces and pearls, fresh and dried flowers and many such more ornaments are used for decorating the wedding trousseau; consisting of clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, footwear and many more of her useful belongings. We make sure that if a particular theme is followed for the entire wedding ceremony then the trousseau packaging is also made in accordance with it.

A bouquet of choices

We understand how important it is to greet all the guests and the family members of the groom in an Indian wedding, hence we take all care to pack the gfts in a very attractive and adorable style. Backed by a team of experienced designers, we put in extra efforts to design and create the most exotic range of wedding gifts & packaging that includes Bridal Trousseau Packaging, Fancy Gift Hampers, Welcome Baskets, Favour Boxes, Sweets & Chocolate Packing and Wedding Souvenirs. We meticulously shop around to create a fantastic wedding trousseau. So, give us a chance to make your wedding trousseau and gifts too packed in a special way and you’ll get more than you’d bargain for!

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Band, Ghoriwaala, Baggi In Delhi NCR

Your Convenience is our pride

We at take due responsibility for arranging the best services for your wedding to make sure all the traditions and values are followed to their core and thus under the umbrella of, we provide you with the best wedding bands in delhi. We also provide other services like arranging baggi, ghori and all other items needed for a perfect procession of the groom. We have the perfect arrangements to get you the best ghori wala in delhi and that too within nominal budgets. ..... Read More

DJ and Entertainment in Delhi NCR

Music, dance, and entertainment always have been and will be the soul of Indian weddings. Whether it's an intimate affair or a grand extravaganza, any desi wedding feels incomplete without some wedding entertainment. Be it lilting tunes played at cocktail parties, enchanting jigs performed at sangeet ceremonies or impeccable ball dances presented at wedding receptions, the right entertainment choice can turn a simple wedding celebration into a memorable event. Today, wedding celebrations have metamorphosed from a simple dholak accompanied by drum beats to more breathtaking and elaborate setups like dance performances, live bands, folk dances, international acts, etc. At GetYourVenue, we completely understand your desire to create a spell bounding music & entertainment show; which is why we’ve tied-up with the best folk dancers, ghazal singers, bhangra artists, musicians, live bands, percussionists, international dance troupes, disc jockey in Delhi and other wedding entertainers that transform your celebrations into a musical delight!

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Looking for a great way for creating excitement for your event confetti and streamers have stood the test of time. The cannons shoot the confetti and streamers into the air creating a spectacular visual effect on stage or ground. Confetti comes in a variety of cuts and colours and can be custom cut. Glitters thrown in to the air comes shimmering down creating innumerable jets of shower of stars falling down on the stage. It can be combined in different colours as per your requirements Indoor and Outdoors. ..... Read More

Grooms Wear

Indian wedding is a majestic event where not only rich decorations, lavish feasts, and all those rituals and ceremonies are given importance but it is the bride and groom that are known to be the centres of attraction. The bride usually gets all the attention, assistance and aid for her bridal look, but the groom often feels neglected. Assuming there isn't really much to do about groom's wear and looks for the wedding day, he ends up wearing whatever comes in handy or whatever his fiance suggests him to match up with her own wedding dress. Clearing all the misconceptions and making the impossible possible, we're here to suggest amazing apparel, shoes, and accessories for the groom. This will not just completely transform the look of the groom, but would make him feel and look so special that eventually the bride would want to match up with his looks. We're here with oodles of grooms wedding attire options for you to explore! ..... Read More

Mystique Music Band

Getyourvenue's promising live music band 'Mystique' is based in delhi and is run by a bunch of passionate musicians and singers for whom life is beyond eating, earning and having materialistic fun. The wedding music band encompasses multi talented people from various fields of life, fairly successful in their core career such as digital marketing, industrial production, professional photography but they cut a fine balance between their core professional skill-set and god gifted and fondly nurtured music talent. These people are driven by passion of live music and music is their breath and blood. Formed in early 2011, the members of the wedding music band already had great individual track records of performance. They brought synergies in the band as a group and there has been no looking back since then.

Personally fond of experimental, fusion, new age music, they have a passion for going about any type of genre, repertoire and have the ability to do justice with it.

Some of the categories can be highlighted as follows:

  • Modern Film Music
  • Old Classics
  • Instrumental
  • Semi Classical Instrumental
  • Thematic music
  • Tributes
  • Unplugged format( only acoustics, grand piano, tabla, guitar, etc)
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Wedding Choreography

An Indian wedding is a grand affair that calls for a lot of preparation from magnificent wedding venues, ostentatious decor, scrumptious catering, glamourous trousseau, exceptional photography and well, not to forget- wedding choreography! Entertainment is truly an important part of every delhi wedding and to make it stylish and well organized, we serve you with a highly professional team of wedding choreographers in delhi who are capable of instructing and making you learn the best dance lessons & moves in a pre-determined pattern. As different parts of our country bring out different styles of celebrations, our team of experts suggest wedding choreography according to wedding customs, religions, cultures and above all your preference. Helping you design your special day with oh-so-brilliant dancing moves, we offer choreography for bride, groom, family, relatives, children and friends. ..... Read More

Wedding Invitation Cards

As the festive season looms ahead, Indian weddings become grander than ever before. The nation's capital is in a frenzy and the sudden upsurge of designer wedding invitation cards delhi is exhilarating. A wide palette of designs To join in the nuptial festivities, we are providing special Indian wedding invitation cards delhi varied from a pocket-friendly Rs. 20 to the lavish Rs.2000 ones! Keep in mind that along with about 25 incredible wedding card designs in our vibrant catalogue, exclusive online wedding invitation cards delhi customized-for you are just a click away. Promising to deliver the legendary indian personal touch, we assure our dear clients with complete assistance to choose among the vast options and just a phone call to us is enough for a detailed discussion about our variety of samples and wedding invitation cards in Delhi.

Service at your doorsteps

To make it easier for our buyers, our team will directly visit the client's premises with the hard copies of samples and receive the final order. Rest assured about our reliability, we supply the exact designer wedding invitations delhi that you desire, along with decorative wedding boxes filled with the choicest of dry fruits and choco-delights.

Invitation management and courier service

What's more, we understand the hectic task of delivering wedding invites delhi, so our wedding invitation card management service couriers your wedding invitations and delivers them to your guest-list, just give us their addresses and the delivery dates you choose.

If totally secure, stylish, reliable and dependable wedding services are what you want, you have come to the right place. There is no looking back on this complete wedding-management package designed specifically for you, just open our site and let us worry about your wedding invitations delhi; the festive season is yours to relish. Sit back and relax, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Unlike earlier times, when an Indian wedding used to follow quotidian routines, today a wedding offers a variety of options for customization. With so many aspects to care for, nowadays organizing a wedding by oneself is next to impossible. For a flawless and lavish wedding come true, you need the best wedding planner in Delhi - this is where we come in.

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