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Unlike earlier times, when an Indian wedding used to follow quotidian routines, today a wedding offers a variety of options for customization. With so many aspects to care for, nowadays organizing a wedding by oneself is next to impossible. For a flawless and lavish wedding come true, you need the best wedding planner in Delhi - this is where we come in.

Having built a strong reputation as dream wedding planners, GetYourVenue brings you professional, reliable and convenient wedding planning services. From organizing your wedding events to coordinating every activity, we take care of every detail. Not only do we serve you with beautiful concepts for an extraordinary wedding, but we also ensure to get you out of all the sticky situations you come across while making arrangements for your ceremonies. While there are a plethora of wedding venues in Delhi, the rush during peak wedding season doesn't allow people to get their preferred venue for a particular date. But why worry when you're on our site now! Being one of the best wedding planners in Delhi, we provide you with valuable insights that help you make wise decisions. To transform your functions into fairytale-like celebrations, we offer an array of wedding venue options ranging from lavish farmhouses to spacious banquet halls in South, East, West or North Delhi.

Benefits of hiring the best wedding planners in Delhi

At GetYourVenue, we personally and professionally know different vendors and venue providers due to which you receive four key benefits.

  • 1) Having gained extensive knowledge about wedding planning in India, we understand clients’ needs and know how to get you what you want.
  • 2) We promise excellence since the vendors understand the quality standards we demand from them and they fulfill our requirements on a preferential basis.
  • 3) We assure prices lower than one would get directly from vendors.
  • 4) And we act as a one-stop solution for all your wedding venue and allied services.

Here are the key features of our wedding planning services.

Wedding Budget Planning

At a wedding, the budget is the biggest worry of the families involved. Hosting a wedding where there are a plethora of expenses is quite difficult. When you hire Get Your Venue, the best wedding planner in Delhi, you receive in-depth knowledge, valuable insights, & proper guidance. We organize your budget in such a manner that all the aspects of your wedding receive the necessary attention.

Organizing Pre-wedding bashes

Every Indian wedding is a blend of unique tastes, rituals, and events. Be it a traditional ceremony or a contemporary one we ensure each event of yours is planned the way you want it. From roka functions to poolside cocktail parties to engagement ceremonies to wedding receptions, we organize all pre-wedding events with sophistication and finesse. No wonder, GetYourVenue is the best wedding planner in Delhi.

Theme wedding planning in India

Choosing a wedding theme and color palette is the first among many tough decisions a host has to make as it will set the tone for everything - from invites to the venue decoration. One needs to be sure about what hues match with which theme. Here to help you make these decisions are the best wedding planners in Delhi.

Our team of dream wedding planners helps you will all the decisions and preparations. We help you pick a theme for your wedding and adhere to it for decor, cuisine, ambiance, dress codes and much more. From drapes, curtains, candles, flowers, lights, centerpieces and other items, we offer a variety of choices that match your taste and style.

Seamless wedding planning

Each event that we plan and coordinate is marked with GYV’s signature hospitality. At your big day, we take utmost care of all aspects from start to finish. Our bespoke wedding planning in India includes the following activities:-

  • • Pre-wedding planning – Our event planners meet, discuss & plan the guest list with all the details and schedule your events accordingly.
  • • Guest Hospitality – By taking care of any wishes your guests' might have, we ensure that their stay is a pleasant and comfortable one. With proper etiquette, polite manners and warm hospitality, team GYV provides you with a sophisticated and refined experience.
  • • Function management – GYV has the best wedding planners in Delhi that take care of every big and small detail at your wedding functions. Our team makes sure that everything is up to your satisfaction and every staff member is ready on time - this includes timely setup of the venue, posting of guards & valet service, proceeding of the events as per schedule, coordinating with the wedding venue staff, overlooking the decor, buffet, entertainment & catering as well as other aspects.
  • • Transport management – We offer transport facility that ensures smooth arrival and departure of guests - this includes pickup from & drop-off at the Airport.
  • • Vendor management – You need not be worried or confused about talking or coordinating with caterers, florists, decorators and other vendors. Our team is here to take care of all such hassles.
  • • Ritual management – Our coordinators help you understand and plan all the ceremonial steps to be performed in the correct style as well as compile a list of all items necessary for your rituals.

For more wedding services in Delhi, kindly contact us via our inquiry form, or call 8800093444.

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