Why Choose Us

Salient Features of GetYourVenue

  • Industry Recognition
    Get Your Venue is a reputed and trusted name in the wedding industry of Delhi. Since 2012, we have served more than 2000+ customers. We aren’t merely an online website with no offline presence. We are a large organization comprising of a production house, an in-house inventory of latest items, a vast team of talented members, and a long list of partnered vendors and wedding service providers. Today, we are well-recognized for providing premium wedding services at affordable rates.
  • Experience
    Serving its clients for many years, GYV has learned from its nascent stages and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. When it comes to planning a wedding, we know what to do and what to avoid.
  • Affordability
    Unlike other planners where one is asked to expand their budget to fit the wedding, GYV provides you a modern approach where the wedding fits your budget. We’ve kept the lowest rates in the industry to make sure that not only VIP clients with an unlimited expense but also regular customers with a limited budget can enjoy the best of our services.
  • Transparency
    Today, customers have grown weary and frustrated dealing with vendors who stop picking up the phone from the moment they receive the payment. GYV is well-aware of such activities and makes sure the client doesn’t face any such problem by providing accurate information about the status update. Customers need only contact us instead of multiple vendors.
  • Quality service
    Since its inception, GYV has provided each of its customers with the best service. The result – a never-ending list of client testimonials and positive feedbacks, which ward off any doubt that we are the top wedding planners in Delhi! Whether it is food, decoration, photography or any other aspect, rest assured our service will surpass your expectations.
  • Professionalism
    Hard work, dedication, discipline and high standards have long been the guiding light on our journey of success. Each team member of ours is a well-educated, highly-skilled individual that takes care of a specific department. Be it an in-house employee or a service vendor, every person or entity that GetYourVenue associates with, is a trained professional adept at achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Discipline
    At GYV, we follow work ethics, strict rules, and best practices to avoid any mistakes, errors and bad judgments. It is our policy to stay away from unreliable vendors, deceptive practices, and false promises. We do not make any commitment that we cannot fulfill.
  • Round-the-clock support
    A wedding is an event where even the slightest of doubts or mistakes can lead to agitations, apprehensions, and unrest. For this reason, when you hire GYV for your wedding, you receive constant support from our team members. No time is odd and no query too small to contact us. We stay awake for your peace of mind.
  • Expertise
    Apart from our on-field team who make constant checks and updates to make sure everything is up to the client’s satisfaction, our senior-most members also make regular inspections to make sure every aspect is up to the highest standards.

Benefits of hiring Get Your Venue

 There are many reasons due to which GetYourVenue stands out from the crowd. Here are the most popular ones:-

  • Single window solution
    At GYV, you need not worry about running to and fro from different vendors. We provide a one-stop solution where we take care of every wedding service – from venue booking to DJ entertainment to photography to catering to bridal makeup to even doorstep delivery. Anything wedding-related you need, we provide it, that too at the lowest rates.
  • A personalized wedding experience
    We don’t coax you into adding unnecessary features to your wedding list. On the contrary, we prepare customized wedding solutions that are tailored that match the customer’s taste, style and preference, and requirement.
  • Availability of best venues
    Whether you want a banquet hall in the center of Delhi or a farmhouse on the city’s outskirts, we can provide you with the perfect wedding venue that suits your needs. GYV has allied with the top wedding venues in every region of Delhi. No matter what area you choose, we have the best banquet halls, party lawns and farmhouses available.
  • Discounted rates
    GetYourVenue is on the empanelment list of four 5-star hotels and 15+ farmhouses. Also, we have tied up with more than 600 wedding venues all over Delhi, NCR. Due to these reasons, we can offer wedding venues at five-star hotels, banquet halls, and farmhouses at never-before-seen rates.
  • Inclusion of the latest trends
    New trends enter the wedding fashion catalog every year. To make sure we remain up-to-date on the latest fads, we’ve created a dedicated team, whose only job is to maintain a portfolio of the latest designs. So that when it comes to your wedding, the DJ plays the most popular songs, the caterer serves the newest dish, the bride’s attire matches the latest fashion, and the venue contains the most contemporary decorations.
  • Zero problems with service vendors

    Dealing wedding vendors all by yourself can sometimes be a slippery slope which can lead you confused, annoyed and frustrated. At GYV, you don’t face any such problems. We only deal with professional vendors who we know can provide quality wedding service.
  • Scheduling/Time management
    Weddings are less about organizing the event and more about managing the attendees. Not only has to make a plan that everyone agrees to, but also see that they adhere to it. Time management is an important factor, especially in the wedding season where venue providers, service vendors, and other persons remain booked for numerous events. At GetYourVenue, we make sure that everything at your wedding unfolds at the correct moment. We know how to manage late guests and tackle hurrying vendors.
  • Lightening of your workload
    A wedding is the celebration of life-long memories and the first stage in developing bonds with a new family, which is why we want to unburden yourself with the responsibility of managing your event and instead enjoy it. When you hire us, you receive an expert team tasked with the mission of lightening your shoulders.  No task is too small or too large for us.
  • Thorough inspections
    Just because you can afford to pay more, doesn’t mean you should! Dealing with sweet-talking vendors and tricky dealers has made us experts at wedding inspections. We know where vendors cut corners, take shortcuts and make false promises. Even better, we know how to deliver you your money’s worth!
    • Still not satisfied! Call GetYourVenue, the top wedding planners in Delhi at (+91) 9650584499, today! Have a chat with one of our team members. Let us clear your doubts and concerns.