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What is Get Your Venue ?

The pioneers in providing wedding venue booking services in Delhi, Get Your Venue Events Pvt. Ltd is your one-stop solution for wedding planning, organizing, and management. What began as a journey of booking beautiful wedding venues, in 2011, is today a voyage in providing professional and trustworthy wedding services.

We aren’t ‘just another’ wedding planner in Delhi. GetYourVenue is a large team of entrepreneurs, business people, wedding planners, coordinators, decorators, vendors and other personnel that work together as an efficient, cohesive unit. Each member of our team works dedicatedly to provide you with signature experiences via seamless planning, excellent management, and flawless execution.

All in all, GetYourVenue is your ultimate wedding solutions provider that promises to turn your envisioned dreams into a quintessential reality.

Our Forte

Where most wedding planners view a customer as a buyer of their services GYV sees an individual who either needs guidance in choosing the perfect wedding venues in Delhi or wants an affordable one that fits his or her budget or is confused about the type of setting. Either way, he or she needs assistance in finding a suitable place, and that is where we excel.

Our specialty lies in providing the most luxurious, picturesque and stylish venues in the capital. By this, we don’t mean okayish, run-of-the-mill banquets or arid farms. We’re talking about magnificently decorated banquet halls, luxurious verdant farms and beautifully landscaped lawns that serve as spectacular backdrops for your parties and immensely aggrandize your celebrations! And the cherry on top is we provide these services in a simple, convenient and organized manner, through our website. Instead of spending days looking for viable venues, all you need to do is tap a few buttons while sitting in the comfort of your homes, and we will be at your service.

How We Work ?

More than just providing you with a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience at your wedding, we make sure that as a couple you and your beloved enjoy every element of being engaged in the lead up to your big day. Whether we plan a low-key, intimate affair or a splendid larger-than-life extravaganza, in every case, we take away all your trepidations, concerns and anxieties and serve you with a platter of satisfaction, convenience, and comfort.

All of this is possible only due to GetYourVenue’s vast online and more importantly, offline presence. The main difference, and also the key feature that sets us apart from other wedding planners is that GetYourVenue offers a majority of its services in-house (by itself). In addition to a large team, we have one production house, vast infrastructure, large workforce, and a long list of inventory and service providers. GetYourVenue is on the empanelled list of four 5-star hotels and 15+ farmhouses.

From the moment you become our client till your function ends, we offer reliable services, hassle-free facilities, and round-the-clock support. Whether it’s our tech team answering your queries, our sales personnel showing you venues, our décor experts embellishing your event or our catering staff offering sumptuous delicacies, every aspect of our service is truly impeccable.

Meet the Team

Harsh Vardhan

Founder, Director & CEO

The person who started it all, Mr. Vardhan is the owner of Get Your Venue Events Pvt. Ltd. A distinguished alumnus of AMU Aligarh and TAPMI Manipal, he has a wealth of business experience. Having worked at many prestigious designations at leading businesses including Senior Vice President at India Bulls Securities Pvt. Ltd, he has accumulated a trove of business knowledge and expertise, with which he established GYV.

Right from giving innovative ideas, to planning the perfect wedding, to coordinating each activity for final-day execution, Mr. Vardhan personally examines every aspect of your big day. With a keen, watchful eye that pays attention to even the smallest details, he works relentlessly, striving hard to give your wedding a unique, carnivalesque vibe.

Ghata Varshney

Co-founder & Technology Partner

A technology expert, content strategist, charismatic businesswoman and a talented singer, Mrs. Varshney handles all the technological facets of GetYourVenue with efficiency and finesse. Her sharp skills, intellectual acuity, and dedication to excellence have helped grow the company by leaps and bounds.

Saurabh Ahuja

Investment Partner & Strategy Consultant

An active investor, a strategy consultant, a successful entrepreneur and an avid traveler, Mr. Ahuja is the owner of many a prosperous business, including London-based telecom carrier service Verscom and Hong Kong-based Telefone Media Ltd. GetYourVenue has benefitted a lot from his 10+ years of business experience, guidance, and insights.

Rakesh Kapoor


An excellent manager and guide, Mr. Rakesh is based in Delhi and has over thirty years of experience in printing & packaging manufacturing industry. He is a well known name in the field of sales and marketing in India & overseas. Apart from being the founder of Rk Inc., he also holds top management positions in many prestigious organizations like Rakesh Press Group of Companies and is also a Vice President of NCP, Delhi Pradesh. He has dedicatedly invested a lot of time and his contribution has kept Get Your Venue flag fly high. As a Director, he is present everywhere and every time, be it the lows or the highs.

"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

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"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

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"We DO NOT post anything without your permission"

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