10 Unique & Interesting Pool Party Games to Spark Everyone’s Interest

When you're throwing a pool party, people expect to play some pretty great pool party games when they get there - it's half the fun! Rather than playing those old classic pool games, we suggest you play games that your guests have never played before to make the party engaging and fun for one and all.

Here, we present you some fun and interesting games to become the best host this summer. After all, you are the host and should be the one to get the party started!  

Melting Ice Cubes

Pool Party Games 1 Pool Party Games 2 This one is our favorite and one of the most exciting pool party games. To play this game, you can divide the players into as many teams you want. An ice cube will be given to the first player of the team. That player has to rub the ice cube between the hands as fast as possible to melt it. If the hands get too cold, the player can pass the ice to the next player in line. The first team to melt the ice cube will win. Sounds fun! Isn’t it?  

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Catch Game with Water Balloon & Towel

Pool Party Games 3 Pool Party Games 4 You need at least 4 teams to play this game and enough water balloon supply. Hand over two towels to each team. While one team toss the water balloons using the towel, the other team has to collect it with the towels without breaking water balloons. The team with the maximum number of water balloons will win the game.  

Find the invisible bottle game

Pool Party Games 5 Pool Party Games 6 Well, this game is not as easy as it looks like! It is similar to a treasure hunt with a slight difference. Take a clear bottle and fill it with pool water. To make it invisible for the players, use the white cap or the cap with the same color as the pool tile. This will decrease the visibility of the bottle and will make it harder for the players to find it. All you need to do is to throw the bottle into the pool. Once the players hear the splash of water, they will start searching for it. The player who’ll find it will win the game.  

Popsicle Pool Game

Pool Party Games 7 Pool Party Games 8 Pool Party Games 9 This game is quite popular among kids but adults can also play it and is really fun to play in the pool. In this game, the player gets freeze-tagged. When one player is freeze-tag, he/she will stand still in the water with hands above their head in the position of Popsicle. The player underwater can’t be tagged. Also, when a player is underwater, they can unfreeze the tagged player by tagging them.  

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Swim in Pairs

Pool Party Games 18 Pool Party Games 10 This is the most exciting game for couples. In this game, the couple swims in pairs with one player doing the hand movement while the other player doing the legs movement. Though it sounds easy, it is really hard to do in real. Pair who reaches the end of the pool first wins the game.  

Ping Pongs

Pool Party Games 11 Pool Party Games 12 Pool Party Games 13 The most popular game when it comes to pool party crazy fun ideas are the ping pong balls. The ping pong balls are an amazing and fun way of entertainment. You can all dive in the pool with ping pongs balls in your hand and one person will be holding the cup. The one who gets the ball in the cup wins. Simple right, but it’s not that easy as it seems. You can also use a board ping pong game and every time a person gets a shot he/she gets to drink.  

Water Polo Pool Game

Pool Party Games 14 Pool Party Games 15 It is better to play this game at the shallow end of the pool unless you have some really good swimmers in your team. The team with maximum goals will win the game. To mark the goals, teams can use floatation boards.  


Pool Party Games 16 Pool Party Games 17 This is a fun game to play. You can use the jenga board or even get it customized. This is one game that children and adults can play together. It never gets old or boring. This is the blockbuster of all stacking games, the original wood block game. The rules are simple enough for the whole family to play. Just stack the blocks into a tower without letting it fall.  

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Water Balloon Dodge Game

Pool Party Games 19 Pool Party Games 20 Divide the players equally in two teams and distribute equal water balloons. Make the players stand apart from each other at some distance. Once you say “Go”, the players of one team have to hit players of opposite team with water balloons. Players who are hit will be considered out. After using all the water balloons, the team with the maximum players left will be the winning team.  

Tug Of War

Pool Party Games 21 Pool Party Games 22 Pool Party Games 23 To play this game, all you need is a team of strong players. Two parties will hold the rope and pull each other. The team which pulls the entire opposite team wins. You can either play in near the pool or in it.  

You can also come up with your interesting ideas and fun games to make your pool party even more interesting. Just throw some beach balls and pool noodles into the pool, and see just what kind of new pool party game you can create at your party in your preferred pool party venues. Have your guests make suggestions and make that a game in itself - whoever comes up with the game that's the most fun wins!


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