6 ideas to turn your Sangeet into a night of excitement and fun!

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Ladies! Brides-to-be! We want you to fight your knight in shining armor at the Sangeet. What? Yes! Let me explain!

Traditional Sangeet ceremonies have long been an affair where the two families come together and celebrate the union of the couple. Aunties playing old, classical songs, traditional instruments like a harmonium or dholak, a blushing bride with a smile, the absence of male members of the family and senior citizens giving their blessings – these cliché’ moments are the epitome of a typical Sangeet. Yawn!

At Get Your Venue, we believe in strengthening the bond between not only the family from both sides but also friends and distant relatives. And what better way to do this than inviting them to a night of a modern Sangeet – a festival of fun, flurry, and music elevated with tasty snacks and refreshing drinks.

Here are 6 Sangeet ideas to make sure it remains a night to be remembered.

Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

1.Thrill The Night With A Dance Battle – All you brides and grooms-to-be! No more hiding among the guests. It is YOUR wedding, and so you should be the one to lead the way. Set the stage on fire with your dance moves. Even better, test out your partner’s dancing skills by challenging him or her to a friendly (yet fierce) battle of break-dance to the latest song played by the DJ.

Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

2. Invite A Celebrity – Sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Inviting celebrities who can lead your team to the dancing stage is another excellent idea. After all, nothing adds more glamour and glitz to an event, than the presence of a celebrity. It’s a great way to bid adieu all those innocent childhood crushes and embark on a blissful journey of married life.


3. 70’s/80’s Themed Dance-Off – Mom and Dad always had your back when you were little. So why not let them lead the stage with some 70’s or 80’s disco songs? After all, it’s their generation that taught us how to dance! The best thing about this idea is that you can even include your relatives’ favorite songs that make them feel welcomed and appreciated.


4. Organize A Karaoke Antakshari – Gather your friends and family members especially the ones with a gifted voice, memorize all your favorite songs and engage in a musical battle of karaoke antakshari. The anxiety of running out of time, the sigh of relief when a family member rescues your team with an old song, the hilarity that ensues when one forgets the lyrics and the thrill of your family’s victory – all these and more are what makes a karaoke night a great idea.


5. Family & Friends’ Performances - Choreographed routines by friends & family members are one of the trends that have caught on. There are umpteen videos on the internet where one can find simple, easy-to-learn yet enthralling dance routines. This idea is perfect for shy grooms or hesitant brides who need a reliable team that can inspire and motivate them to dominate the dance floor.

grand elder

6. Romantic Dance Performances By Your Grand Elders – Don’t let your grandparents’ old age fool you into thinking they know nothing about romance. Remember, it is their generation that gave us the inspiration for every romantic Bollywood song. So, let your Sangeet be an event graced by your elders indulging in some friendly, light, romantic dance routines. You’ll be surprised to learn how young at heart they are!


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