6 Ways to Get A perfect Bridal Mehendi Colour

cover We have often heard our aunts and friends extolling the virtues of having darkened mehendi and the myth of- dark mehendi means a loving and caring husband. Even if this is just a myth, darkened hues of mehendi on blushing bride’s hand is enough to make her husband love her more. Despite choosing the best mehendi person and a lovely design created by him, we cannot ensure getting good colour. Now, there is no need to compromise on your wedding look with a light-coloured henna. Here, we bring you some tried and tested tricks that help getting dark mehendi colour.

Trick 1- Keep Your Palms Cleanmeh1

Before you are ready for your mehendi wala to start drawing intricate designs on your palms, ensure they are clean and dry. Do not apply cold cream or moisturizer after washing your hands as it can make it difficult for skin to absorb mehendi. You just need to have clean and dry palms. You can also rub a little powder on your hands to keep them dry. Also, if you need to get any beauty treatment done like manicure, pedicure, waxing, bleaching, etc., get it done before getting henna applied on the skin. 

Trick 2-Rub a Few Drops of Henna or Eucalyptus Oilmeh2

Just before mehendi wala starts applying henna on your hands, take a few drops of good-quality eucalyptus oil and rub it vigorously on your hand. The skin must absorb this sweet-smelling oil properly before applying henna.

Trick 3- Keep It Overnightmeh3

We know, brides get tired getting henna applied on their palms and feet sitting for hours together. Asking them to keep the mehendi overnight is too much to ask but it has been known to deliver excellent results in terms of darker colour. Keeping it overnight will deepen the colour.

Trick 4- Put a Concoction of Lemon Juice with Sugarmeh4

The mix of lemon juice and sugar applied on dried mehendi allow it to stay put on the palms thus allowing it to stay on the palms for a longer time. Use cotton ball and dip it in the mixture and apply gently but generally on the dried mehendi.

Trick 5- Smoke of heated Clovesmeh5

Another trick that has seemed to work very well in deepening mehendi colour is smoke of cloves heated on a pan. Sauté cloves in a pan and when it starts emitting smoke, place your palms above the pan and catch the smoke. Do it 2-3 times for excellent results.

Trick-6 Use Vicks on Palms meh6

After keeping mehendi overnight, rub your hands to scrape dried henna from your hands and feet. Now apply Vicks and gently rub it on your skin. It has proven to enhance mehendi colour. Many people apply mustard oil on mehendi-adorned hands and feet for darker and deeper colour.

Use any of the above tricks or a couple of them to get the desired mehendi colour. While trying hard to get good colour, avoid washing hands. Water may dampen the colour of your mehendi as it does not allow henna to penetrate in the skin.


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