Out-of-the-box Groom Entry Ideas to astound!

A groom’s entry is an opportunity to create a spectacle to behold, to wow, and to amaze with amazing fanfare! It is the right time to carve out a critical memory in the wedding and enter into your married life like a boss. Some modern grooms are taking their entry game up by 100 points! Here is a collection of our top favorite groom entry ideas that certainly gave us pause.   

The groom on a batmobile

Every guy's dream is to ride the batmobile. You can take the boy out of the comic con, but you can't take the comic con out of the boy! Fulfilling every guy's fantasy, this groom rode into his wedding with the dark knight's vehicle of choice and everyone was rightfully amazed.


The groom who dived headfirst into his wedding

If you want to evoke mission impossible feelings in your wedding, skydiving into the ceremony is the way to do it. And this groom did the same! With an entry like that, you know the marriage is going to be exciting and adventure packed.

Entering with a bang

Talk about a literally explosive entry! This groom rode into his wedding with a cold pyro, which is safe as well as looks badass and amazing! Fireworks akimbo, this entry was extremely exciting and electric.

Moonwalk into your wedding

If you have the skills, flaunt them! This groom did the same with his amazing dance moves that entertained and astounded guests alike. With some pretty slick dance moves, we can see how he was able to woo his partner.

Arrive like a king

This groom pulled out all the stops and entered like a true king, with an amazing entourage, and atop a regally decorated elephant. With a regal entourage filled with the band and umbrella holders, this is the extravagant entry every groom wants.


Right from genies wishing lamp

This groom for sure showed us all, a whole new world! Arriving at his wedding, while surfing on a flying carpet, this entry reminds us about the amazing entry of Prince Ali Ababwa from the Disney classic, Aladdin.

These entries were astounding and for sure a memorable moment in that wedding. We hope some of these ideas have sparked the creative side within you and you will make your wedding entry equally amazing. And if you want any help planning your wedding, reach out to us at (+91) 8800093444 or email us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.getyourvenue.com


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