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Weddings have seen significant changes over the past few years. The pre-wedding shoots, the ceremonies and the wedding days all are being celebrated in a more lavish and creative way like never before. Not only the brides are styling up but the grooms as well leave no stone unturned to look their best. A lot of effort goes into Planning these weddings and ceremonies. But amidst all this planning the grooms sometimes forget to enjoy all the fun and frolic at their own wedding. So, keeping in mind the thought that enjoying the wedding is as important as planning it, we have created a checklist for all the grooms that will keep you well prepared for your D-day. It’s such a huge day that you would want to look dapper in your wedding outfit as well as enjoy it to the core. Just follow the list below and you would be all set.

1.Sehra : A traditional headdress, the sehera, is an important part of the wedding ritual in Indian marriages. The seheras add beauty and elegance to a groom’s look and for various instances hide his face creating an element of mystery as well. A large variety of seheras are available for grooms to choose from. Generally, the best pick would be the one that matches seamlessly with your wedding outfit. Make sure that you wear it while entering your wedding location for the final ceremony.

2.Safa or Turban : An essential clothing that adds a royal touch to a groom’s wedding look is the Safa. Many vibrant colored and beautifully styled safas are being designed to be worn by prospective grooms. From fancy to traditional, a wide variety is available to choose from as per your look requirement. Wearing the Safa makes you look royal and your girl will love to see her prince charming all set to take her away. Hence, make sure that you get a gorgeous safa all set for your wedding.

3.Kalgi : Safas and turbans enhance the beauty of a grooms look and make him look elegant. But Kalgi is another piece of ornament that uplifts the look of a safa or a turban. These are made from single clothing and designed in multiple styles as well. To select a kalgi you must go with the wedding outfit of the groom e.g. a diamond or pearl kalgi goes brilliantly with bright colored safa. Therefore, get a beautifully designed kalgi that goes well with your outfit and flaunt the royal look at your wedding.

4.Feather : Feathers can be worn on the safa or a turban just like a kalgi. Having a bunch of feathers on your turban extraordinarily enhances your look and makes you feel royal. The feather is a symbol of love and is put by the groom’s sister, while the turban is put on by the groom’s father. In Sikh weddings, this significance of a feather and turban is treated with respect and followed religiously. Feathers are also being worn as part of the current trends going in Indian weddings.

5.Necklace : To complete the look of a sherwani, shawl, and dupatta, necklaces are the best ornament that a groom can wear. In some cultures, its part of a tradition while in others it is a symbol of royalty. The colors and designs of necklaces available will amaze you. Just pick the one that goes well with the wedding outfit.

6.Brooch : These go amazingly well with the sherwanis and suits that you would be wearing in your wedding ceremonies. The multi-chain brooch is currently in fashion and goes excellent with Indo-western sherwanis. A lot of stunning designs and colorful brooches are available in the market and can be bought depending on the wedding outfit.

So, if you are Planning your wedding soon then keep the above checklist handy including the accessories listed above to flaunt a complete royal look in your wedding.


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