Payal designs for the wedding to complete your bridal look

Payals are an integral part of Indian culture and of bridal outfits. The design of the payal is a reflection of the personality and the nature of its wearer. While being known for its beautiful and sonorous sound, intricately designed payals are all the craze for the modern bride-to-be. So, selecting the right payal is key to completing your bridal ensemble and looking as glamorous as you deserve to be on your big day. We have for you some payal design concepts that you can look out for to include in your getup. These are delicately crafted and are sure to enhance the beauty of any bride that chooses to grace them.  

Baraat Payal designs

This quirky payal design is for the bride that wants to bring the baraat along with her! With colorful miniatures of decorative baraatis, laced with pearl designs this payal is a great fit for the bride who wants a pep in her step. Baraat Payal designs One Baraat Payal designs Two Baraat Payal designs Three  

Heavy Payal designs

For those looking to dive headfirst into the traditional look and go all out, a heavy payal design is ideal. These payals extend from the top of your ankles right down to the tips of your toes with intricate design and chainwork to reinforce that steely elegance. These heavy payal designs can also come as heavy gold payal designs with gold lacing work to enhance any opulent look. These designs are more for brides who want to be decked out properly with their payal design. Heavy Payal designs One Heavy Payal designs Two Heavy Payal designs Three
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Pearl Payal designs

To exude an air of calm elegance and gentle beauty the pearl payal design is a great choice. These payals are a more minimalist design with a chain of pearls layered with some gold chain lacing. These are an ideal pairing for any pastel-colored garments and help bring out the natural beauty of their wearer. Pearl Payal designs One Pearl Payal designs Two Pearl Payal designs Three  

Layered Payal designs

A simple and elegant design with layered chain work along the ankles, this payal design is a good fit for the modern bride, not too over the top but still graceful and elegant. Layered Payal designs One Layered Payal designs Two Layered Payal designs Three  

Kundan Payal designs

The Kundan method of jewelry is to adorn raised gold molds with precious gems or diamonds. This creates a nice dichotomy to bring out the beauty of both the gold and the gems. Going with this payal design is a nice statement of luxury and this payal is sure to pair well with your amazing lehenga. Matching this design with your jewelry choice will help give you a more cohesive look. Kundan Payal designs One Kundan Payal designs Two Kundan Payal designs Three  

Diamond Payal designs

If you want to exude wealth and money is no object, we believe the diamond payal design is an amazing symbol of prosperity, wealth, and luxury. These designs mix well with almost all looks and give the bride an air of elegance and opulence that she deserves to feel on her big day.  Diamond Payal designs One Diamond Payal designs Two Diamond Payal designs Three A bride is the center of attention in any wedding, so it is key to carefully curate every aspect of her outfit, from head to toe. So, pay close attention to the type of wedding you are planning and plan the bridal outfit as such. And be sure to keep a keen eye out for the best payal design to complement the bridal outfit. And if you want any help planning your wedding, reach out to us at (+91) 8800093444 or email us at [email protected] or visit our website at


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