Things to Plan Right after You Get Engaged

Now that you are officially engaged and already looking forward to the big day, we are sure you’ll have many things in mind. But this is also the time when the madness of wedding planning begins. When it comes to the wedding, getting everything done on time and in a settling manner is a difficult task. To avoid the hassle, you must start planning everything right after you exchange the ring. Doing this will not just allow you to get things done the way you want but it will also allow you to get the execution done in an organized and planned manner. Plan Right after You Get Engaged Here’s how to get started with your wedding planning after engagement!

Take it all in & celebrate!

It might sound weird to some, but to go ahead with the planning, you must understand that you are officially engaged now, and here is your time to give shape to all your wedding dreams. So don't let it go to waste and ensure that you get exactly what you have always dreamt of. Also, make sure to celebrate this special beginning of your life with your loved ones.  

Announce the news to everyone

Though these days half the work is done by Instagram, and it has become a lot easier to announce the good news through Social Media platforms, it would be great if you can personally call your loved ones to tell them. It is the least your close ones deserve from you.  

Get your pre-wedding shoot done

It is the time when you must capture your love in the pictures and hire a professional photographer who can beautifully capture your togetherness. You can also find some of the best professional wedding photographers at Get Your Venue.  

Start working on your wedding timeline

Try to start working on the timeline as soon as possible as these things really take time. Discuss the wedding nuptials to be held by both the families and finalize the events you wish to host. Set the dates, and order of events as well.  
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Hire a wedding planner 

Hiring a wedding planner is one of the best ways to enjoy a hassle-free celebration. They take care of all the minute details and all the aspects of the wedding. Be it décor, arrangements, seating, coordinating with the guests, and venue management, they do it all for you and ensure that your wedding dreams turns into a reality.  

Plan a family lunch

As both the families must be stressed about the planning of wedding nuptials and the big day, you must plan a family lunch to ease things up. This way, both the families will get to discuss the important things and will also get to enjoy the relaxing time together before all the madness of the wedding celebration begins. To find the best venue for your wedding and other wedding nuptials, you can get in touch with our venue experts at Get Your Venue. We are also the best wedding planners in Delhi. So wait no more and hire our wedding planning experts now and turn your celebration into a memorable and extravagant affair.


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