Top Tips to Plan a Fabulous Destination Wedding in Goa

Getting married in Goa is a dream nurtured by many couples. If you are one of those who are planning a destination wedding in Goa, you must do your homework well so that you can have a fab time and create wonderful memories of your wedding at this stunning destination. Goa is well connected with different parts of the country and world. There is no dearth of 5-Star resorts or beautiful beach properties, perfectly suitable as a wedding venue. The rustic-hippie culture of the place is the biggest draw for people coming here for destination weddings. Here, we have curated a list of top 10 tips that can help you ensure smooth sailing when planning your wedding in Goa. Fabulous Destination Wedding in Goa  

Tips to Plan a Fab Destination Wedding in Goa


Venue Hunting

Although several amazing properties prove to be an ideal option as wedding venues in Goaselect an option depending on your choice of quieter and serene beaches of South Goa or tourist hotspots in South Goa. North Goa offers amazing star properties like Taj Aguada, Montego Bay, Marbela and more where luxurious weddings can be planned. If you are looking for a beach wedding, go with cleaner and quieter beaches in the extreme north of Morjim, Goa. You can either hire a resort for your guests or accommodate them in air-conditioned tents. Beach wedding will also help you save on décor costs. If you wish to hire a resort, South Goa gives you ample options where large-sized weddings can be effortlessly planned. Most of these resorts are attached to a beach so you can enjoy the best of both the worlds. Depending on the number of guests you are planning to invite, choose a venue that can accommodate them nicely.  

Best Time to Get Married

Having decided to get married in Goa, the next factor that you need to decide is the best time of the year when you should get married. November to March is the peak destination wedding season in Goa as at this time, nights are cooler, and days are not too hot. If budget is not an issue, the higher costs of vendors engaged at peak time will not bother you, but if you are in no mood to splurge more than necessary, you can plan your wedding in the off-season.  

Proper Planning and Bookings

Next, you need to focus on giving ample time to your guests to make their plans and book their travel arrangements. Having ample time will help your friends and relatives to plan their schedules so that they can come down to Goa for your wedding. Even if some of them are unable to make it, don’t get upset as it is pretty normal with destination weddings. Prior information will also help the guests to book their tickets at lower airfares. You will get hotel bookings at affordable, group booking rates. If the place of accommodation and wedding venue are not the same, hire a bus or a van that can ferry your guests to the main event. Ensure everyone’s comfort.  
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Venue Décor and Aesthetics

The next factor that requires your focus is venue décor. If it is a beach wedding, you can save a lot on venue décor as the beach itself is the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding. If you have booked a quaint beachside property or a resort for your wedding, you will have to consult your venue décor specialist and plan beach-themed décor. Using aquatic elements in your décor theme is sure to help you and give you some memorable moments.  

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Depending on the scale of the wedding and the number of guests invited, you need to decide whether or not to hire a wedding planner. If it is going to be an intimate affair with just your best friend and close relatives gracing the occasion, you can plan your wedding yourself. If your wedding is going to be quite an elegant and luxurious affair with a lot of guests to be taken care of, it is advisable to hire a reputed and trusted wedding planner. Since he is highly experienced in this field, he can add a lot of value to ensure a smoother and entertaining wedding.  

Visit the venue before the actual wedding

It is advisable to visit the wedding venue 2-3 times before the actual wedding as it helps you check out the venue, meet the planner, and line up various vendors. Only research online and booking a wedding venue after looking at its pictures on the website is not enough. Going there will help you immensely as you can check the quality of services, room amenities, wedding venues, décor elements, weather elements and a lot more. Moreover, it is important to reach the venue 2-3 days before the wedding to ensure everything is in place for the D-day.  

Select the perfect wedding favor

You also need to spend some time looking for appropriate gifts as wedding favors and welcome kit for the guests. The welcome kit may have information about wedding event schedules, meal timings, hotel transfers and more. You can also add mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and local goodies like Cashew Nuts, items made up of coconut shells, Azulejos and more.  

Finalise your wedding attire

You also need to finalise your wedding attire depending on the weather in Goa. A heavy gown, tux, or sherwani is going to be killer in the hot and sultry climate of Goa. Linen and soft, flowy fabrics with light work in subtle, pastel work would work pretty well. You can also suggest appropriate attire to your guests so that they do not feel uncomfortable in the hot and humid climate of Goa. Ensure their happiness and comfort more than what is appropriate to wear to a wedding.  
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Seek appropriate permissions

When planning a destination wedding in Goa, certain permissions need to be taken in advance. Like, reception or ceremony on the beach needs permission from the local authorities. Similarly, loud music cannot be played after 10 PM. If you are hiring a wedding planner, ensure that he takes necessary permission in advance so there are no last-minute surprises from the local authorities.  

Have loads of fun

Goa is synonymous to loads of fun, enjoyment, and excitement. Enjoy Goa Standard Time where you will find local establishments closing down for a short siesta in the afternoon. The laidback and relaxed ambiance of this place also helps you to let your hair down and allow yourself to have fun in your wedding. Keeping these tips in mind will help you plan a beautiful destination wedding in Goa that will give you beautiful memories to be cherished forever!


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