Frequently Asked Questions

What is GetYourVenue?

GetYourVenue or GYV is a wedding planning company that organizes and manages every type of wedding service - from venue booking to decoration to catering. We are a one-stop solution where instead of the customer worrying about every arrangement task, we take care of every big and small detail.

  • Find venues/vendors, you may not know of, based on your specific requirements. Not just that, we can provide you with answers to all you...
  • Get availability of multiple venues/vendors at once, instead of you doing the legwork yourself.
  • Get negotiated prices across venue/vendors categories in order to make an informed decision.
  • We take away the hassle of individually negotiating with several venues and vendors in order to plan your event. With you get that at once and make the right decision.

When was the company formed? What is its history?

The company was founded in 2012 by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Varshney, CEO of Get Your Venue. To know more about our company's history, kindly visit this page.

How many clients have you served ?

Since 2012, we have served more than 2000 clients. In fact, in the last year itself, we have booked 145+ venues, 85+ decors and planned 45+ wedding planning deals.

How can I trust your services ?

Great question! See, the wedding industry in India, especially the one in Delhi is a competitive one, where only the best players survive. Delhi being a cosmopolitan city, its residents come from different backgrounds and follow many a different culture. The capital is the birthplace of many fashion trends.

In such a city, GetYourVenue has, since its inception, been on top of its game, continued to excel in providing quality service, upgraded its creative skills, remained updated on the latest trends as well as garnered a following of satisfied customers.

Why should I hire your services ?

The most important reason to hire us is that we are the only wedding planner in Delhi that provides a one-stop solution, that too in-house. Meaning, every wedding service be it catering, decoration, venue-booking or entertainment, is available to you under one roof. And if this doesn't impress you, we kindly advise you to check out our Why us page.

How much do your services cost ?

Every service that we provide is a customized one, tailored to a customer's taste, style, preference, and requirement - which is why there is no fixed amount that we can quote. Clients can rest assured though, as we provide the lowest rates possible.

How do I know that I'm getting the best rates ?

Another great question! See, GetYourVenue has partnered with more than 500 service providers in the wedding industry including DJs, photographers, caterers, banquet hall & farmhouse owners. Moreover, we are on the list of empanelment vendors of more than ten different venues including banquet halls, farmhouses, and 5-star hotels. Due to these reasons, we can offer discounts (wherever applicable) to our esteemed clients.

Will there be any hidden charges ?

No! Honesty is of utmost importance at GetYourVenue. Whether you hire us for a single event or an entire wedding, we will inform you about every charge or fee that will be applicable, on your chosen service, in a crystal clear manner. Rest assured every deal that you make with GetYourVenue is a fair and transparent one.

"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

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"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

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"We DO NOT post anything without your permission"

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