Bahrain Wedding with Intricate Décor & Luxe Arrangements

I write to you with regards to featuring Decor by DreamzKrraft Weddings in the most desirable location for weddings internationally, Bahrain.  

Destinations have always been a trend and as you know, Bahrain is becoming one of the most desirable locations to have a wedding at and fortunately, DreamzKrraft has already executed a magical wedding there.  

The wedding was an extravagant affair with multiple thematic functions ranging from the classic Champagne Brunch to the glam night, Sangeet-Mehendi and the actual wedding function. They even designed and curated a uniquely customized Bahrain Souk for the wedding guests to get a feel of the place via their traditional market. There were many fun stalls stocked with ittaar, spices, khajur, ethnic baskets, and dainty accessories among others.



The colour palette for the Mehendi was blue, yellow and white. These shades were chosen to give a pop of color against the neutral color tone of the banquet halls, hotel, and the country of Bahrain in general. We drew influence from the rich architecture of the country and blended it in with Indian prints while keeping the colour scheme vibrant enough to break the monotony of neutrals. We added touches of Bollywood via quirky dialogues across the bar and in the form of fun signages around the venue. Bahrain Wedding Décor 1 Bahrain Wedding Décor 2 Bahrain Wedding Décor 3  

Glam Night

This glamorous function was everything gold, glitter and fun. The highlight of the function was an island bar with custom-designed gold mirror acrylic hangings while the façade was a never-done-before LED panel. The entrance to the function had extravagant floral installations along with a fun photobooth. The lounges had a color palette of white and metallic gold along with matching gold-plated florals. Bahrain Wedding Décor 4 Bahrain Wedding Décor 5 Bahrain Wedding Décor 6  


This vintage chic brunch had a wine and cheese theme and the color palette we chose was a blend of white and beautiful pastels shades. The hotel fountain served as a centrepiece around which the whole function was setup. There was a delicious five-tiered cake and we created grand canopy lounges with custom seating and vintage furniture. Bahrain Wedding Décor 7 Bahrain Wedding Décor 8 Bahrain Wedding Décor 9  


For the Sangeet we used dark Persian colours with metallic gold hues. It was the same ballroom where the Glam night had taken place the earlier day and our goal was to transform it using a completely different theme. We used Middle Eastern jaalis, Moroccan lanterns along with florals in pink, purple and blue to add an Indian touch to the venue. Bahrain Wedding Décor 10 Bahrain Wedding Décor 12 Bahrain Wedding Décor 11  
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We wanted our guests to get a local taste of Bahrain, and arranged for an exciting ‘Souk’-a traditional market. There were many fun stalls stocked with ittaar, spices, khajur, ethnic baskets and dainty accessories among others. We set up elaborate tents in the courtyard of the hotel with décor elements such as Moroccan lamps and kaleen rugs while the photobooth was setup to match our theme, using a cushy upholstered chair paired with intricate laser cut panels and boxes with florals and a royal red kaftan. This function was surely a guest favourite! Bahrain Wedding Décor 13 Bahrain Wedding Décor 14 Bahrain Wedding Décor 15  


The intimate Pheras were held at the private island of the hotel, with the serene blue sky and calm waters serving as the perfect backdrop. We converted the pathway to emulate a floral garden while the dome of the mandap was embellished with pretty red roses. Luxurious lounges were created for the guests and the dining area was adorned with twinkling lights and a long family table was set up along with a stunning bar. Bahrain Wedding Décor 16 Bahrain Wedding Décor 17 Bahrain Wedding Décor 18


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