Bengali Wedding Rituals & Ceremonies - Everything you need to know

Bengali Weddings are a vibrant affair and involve many rituals that are followed with great sincerity. It is by observing these several auspicious rituals that two souls finally become one on the occasion of marriage. So, along with the tempting Bengali Wedding menu, Bengali wedding rituals are equally fascinating. Right after the Bengali engagement ceremony, the preparation for the wedding begins. If you are curious to know what all rituals and ceremonies a Bengali wedding have, here we are listing down some of the most significant and auspicious Bengal wedding rituals and ceremonies for you to know.

Bengali Wedding Rituals & Ceremonies


Bengali ashirbad rituals are the ceremony wherein the bride and groom are showered with blessings by would-be their in-laws. It may happen on the same day of the wedding or may even take place before, as decided by both the families.

Bor Jatri

It is when the groom arrives for the marriage at the wedding venue with his friends and family in great valor and glamour. This moment turns very electrifying with all involving in dance and music to make the welcome grand and memorable.

Bor Boron

It is when the groom is welcomed by the bride’s mother or someone else equally significant to make the groom feel at home. The groom is offered “arati” with a “boron dala” and is treated with sweets and refreshing drinks to make him feel comfortable.

Potto Bastra

The groom is offered new clothes by some elderly person from the bride’s side who is in the responsibility of doing “Sampradan”. This is done at the “chadnatala”, once the groom is made to seat in his place.

Saat Pak

It is the most awaited bengali wedding rituals for bride when she is brought to the wedding altar, the chadnatala, for the first time. But the uniqueness of Bengali marriage is that the bride is carried to the chadnatala by her brothers and uncles while she seats in a ‘piri’. They carry the bride and go round the groom seven times as sat Pak indicates.

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Subho Drishti and Mala Bodol

Finally, the bride and groom stand in front of each other while the bride’s face is still hidden with betel leaves. Then she slowly removes the betel leaves and both the bride and groom see each other for the first time during the ceremony. The auspicious moment turns divine with “ulu dhwani” and “sankhadhwani” and all showering their blessings on the couple.

This is the Subho Drishti as you can see in many Bengali wedding rituals images. Then, the bride and the groom exchange their garlands three times which is known as Mala bodol.



This is an emotional moment when the father of the bride formally gives her hand to the groom while reciting sacred “mantras” of wishing lifelong togetherness for the new couple.


Yagna and Saptapadi

These are followed one after the other and hold special significance in the entire Bengali wedding rituals. They are designed to turn the whole event into a revered one.


Sindoor Dan

This is the final ritual of making the bride and the groom unite forever. The groom is asked by the “panditji” to pronounce sacred chants and apply vermillion on the bride’s forehead. Their marriage is solemnized and they become husband and wife by observing all the rituals.

Sindoor Dan

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