Latest trends for Exhibition Planning and Management

In the modern corporate world, organizing exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and workshops have become a significant way to keep in touch with diverse stakeholders of the business. These activities keep them in the limelight, and they can stay connected with their clients and buyers. Moreover, these events also provide a perfect platform to announce the latest technologies in a niche sector. Discussions and debates on various related issues open the world of possibilities for the companies. It is for these reasons; the trend of exhibitions has grown exponentially escalating the demand for event management professionals who can organize large scale events with the utmost professionalism. Here, we discuss some of the latest trends that are expected to rule the exhibition planning and management sector.

Flexibility in Venue Infrastructure

Exhibition event organisers frequently face the challenge to look for a suitable venue to provide state-of-the-art networking facilities, seminar content and meeting space live on the stage. The need of the hour is to bring a marked improvement in visitor dwell time and as such, event planners have to become more creative with hall space transforming it into a space perfect for a high-end exhibition or conference. The year 2019 is expected to continue with this trend with exhibition planners looking forward to creating flexible areas which can be used for multiple purposes. It is a great money-saver besides offering perfect space for large scale corporate events. Exhibition Image One Exhibition Image Two The success of any event is dependent on the choice of location. It should be impressive and suitable enough to create immersive experiences. With more and more city-based venues reaching its capacity, the hunt is on for suitable venues in the suburbs that can precisely match evolving venue requirements. It is for this reason, the trend of contemporary venues at untapped locations is coming up in a big way. Event planners use fit-out solutions that help them in delivering perfect space for a corporate audience. Exhibition Image Three Another challenge faced by exhibitors is increasing their participation in diverse events. It is for this reason; event organisers continue looking for novel ways that support sponsors and exhibitors in their endeavor to host meetings, launch new products, give live demos and generally create more interest for the attendees. It helps to generate revenues and makes the bottom line robust. A sponsorship opportunity can be shown, and a buzz can be created generally by hosting private networking brunches, or lunches live on the show stage.

Invest in high-end fabrication and booth design

The ingredients of a successful exhibition stall design are the quality of the material used as well as the precision of the craftsmanship. The design structure of the exhibition stall should be very process oriented and requires a proper investment of thought, ideas as well as time. The objective should be very clear; the thought should be jotted down to get a clear idea about the look and design structure of the exhibition stall. The budget should be fixed; the message that is to be communicated to the audience should be clear, and the plans that are to be achieved through the exhibition should also be made clear so that the exhibition stall fabrication is a massive success for the promotion of the product as well as the business. Exhibition Image Four Exhibition Image Five Exhibition Image Six

Wedding/Lifestyle Exhibitions

These days, the trend of organizing wedding and lifestyle exhibitions has gained a lot of strength. Such exhibitions bring a large number of exhibitors selling wedding and lifestyle related products and services under one roof. The exhibitions are aimed at bringing fruitful results to the exhibitors with increased number of sales. This is possible with well-planned and implemented promotion and marketing strategy that include print media promotions, social media marketing, hoarding in prime locations of the city and more. Exhibition Image Seven Exhibition Image Eight Exhibition Image Nine GET YOUR VENUE with its decor wing ‘The Fusion Décor’  is all set to organize a happening wedding/lifestyle exhibition. Right from selecting an appropriate venue and taking care of marketing strategy, we will also look after décor & technology, logistics, staff and hospitality generating a buzz for the event. We will help our exhibitors to create sales and enhance their brand identity.


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