Must-Have Magical Kissing Images of Couples in the Wedding Album

Getting married to the one you love is a blessing and couples unable to contain their excitement, seal their relationship with a lip-lock. A look of unabashed love and gentle touch of lips says it all and how!

Today, pictures of the couple kissing each other have become a part of the wedding album precisely because a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture will always remind them of the love they had for each other and how it grew with every passing day. If you wish to capture this moment you are sharing with your hubby, here we bring you some lovely ideas that are going to make this picture “just” perfect.

Below the sky

Kissing your lovely, blushing wife under a sky with near and dear ones showering blessings on you is sure a magical moment that must be captured.

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 1

At The Havan Vedi

What about sealing your brand-new relationship with a lovely kiss right after feras besides the haven vedi? This way, you also get the blessings of Gods that were invoked for the panigrahan rituals.

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 2

Under a floral canopy

Kiss your ravishing wife under a canopy of fresh, vibrantly-coloured blooms. This sweet and romantic kiss is sure to show your delicate emotions and sentiments!

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 3

In nature’s lap

If you got wedded at an outdoor location, why not “seal it with a kiss” at a lovely, picturesque place with nature’s best surrounding you with its gentle caress!

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 4

Under thousands of lamps

Kissing your lovely bride under thousands of lighted lamps basking in its gentle warmth is the perfect way to show your love and emotions you are feeling for each other.

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 5

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Kiss amidst mobile phone lights

As soon as you bend towards your soulmate, sealing your new relationship with a soft kiss, lights from smartphones illuminate the area. This is nothing less than a “must-have” moment that can be graciously created by your friends, relatives, and well-wishers.

Wedding Couples Kissing Album 6

Taking inspiration from the above ideas, you can ask your photographer to capture a moment that portrays all your emotions in the frame. You will cherish these pictures for a long time to come!


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