Say No to bloating & Look Picture-perfect on Your D-day

No matter if you are a bride or bridesmaid, a swollen tummy is a big no, especially if you are a month or week away from the wedding. Just like many other things in the world, our body is also least predictable, and you must take the utmost care of it. And your wedding is not one such day where you would want to experience the uneasiness of the bloated stomach. Not just pain and uneasiness, it can lead to a tight fit for your wedding attires as well.

To make sure, you look toned and flawless on your big day; here we are sharing some tips to keep the bloating away:

Picture-perfect Your D-day

Long Walk & Yoga are the keys 

Since childhood, we have been told the numerous benefits of doing Yoga & taking long walks but mostly fail to do it regularly. But it is never late to start. Make sure you do exercise, perform Yoga, or go for a long walk every day to combat the problem of bloating. Do squats and child’s pose for effective results.

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Cut down the sugar intake

Any food or beverage with a high sugar compound must be avoided as high sugar intake can cause bloating of the stomach. So, you should avoid consuming foods that break down into sugar. Also, try to avoid drinking alcohol before the wedding nuptials.

Avoid vegetables with Solanine

Not many people know this, but plants that contain Solanine can cause discomfort to your health and can lead to intestinal inflammation. Some of the vegetables that contain Solanine include potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, and tomatoes. So, avoid any chance of risk by eliminating vegetables rich in Solanine from your diet.

Balance the Hormones

To stay fit and avoid any gastric issues, it is vital to have your hormones in place. Hormonal imbalance is one of the significant causes of stress and can lead to mental health issues like anxiety. Since planning a wedding can be a bit stressful, we suggest you drink dandelion root teas or milk thistle. It is advisable to consume foods that improve your metabolism and reduces the level of stress in the body.

Keep detoxifying your body

Mocktails are everyone’s favorite, and there is no better way to detoxify your body than drinking your favorite cocktails. Go for drinks that stimulate your metabolism and improve your immune system. For best results, you can drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. It will protect your stomach from inflammation.

Some other ways that you can try to keep the bloating away is to reduce your salt intake, include more fibers to your diet, as well as take a warm bath before the big day. So, try out these fantastic remedies and look picture-perfect and flawless on your essential celebrations.


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