Top 5 Super Exciting Couple Games to play with your Bae this wedding season

Want to turn your wedding into an unforgettable one for both you and your partner? Why not start your wedding celebration with games? While playing games at Indian weddings are not common, they are now gaining popularity especially in outdoor and big fat Indian weddings. These couple games are not just fun but also provides the opportunity to both bride and groom to know each other better. Not just that, some games even involves the guests and allows them to have a fun time along with the bride and groom.   Here we are listing the 5 most interesting couple games that you must play with your partner on your wedding:  

Shoe Game

One of the most interesting games to play at weddings, playing shoe game can actually make you die-hard laughing. In this game, the couple sits back-to-back in the middle of the guests. The groom holds the bride’s shoe in one hand and his shoe in the other, the bride also does the same. One member acts as a host and asks the couple few questions. The couple answers by raising one of the shoes. Though your guests might not be playing they are going to love watching you guys playing this super-fun game. Couple Games Wedding Season 1 Couple Games Wedding Season 2  

Build Your Bae

It is another interesting game to play at your wedding reception or engagement ceremony. In this game, both the bride and groom are provided with the pieces of their bae’s picture. All you need to do is to arrange the pieces properly. Whoever does it right and first wins the game. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Couple Games Wedding Season 3 Couple Games Wedding Season 4  
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Who is most likely to

This game will surely leave you and your guests in the split. The game begins with one person drawing a card and guests along with the couple decide who among the couple is most likely to do it. The game has no rules, you just need to be honest and come up with really funny questions to ask about the couple. Another amazing thing about this game is that there are no winners, just participants, and host.   Couple Games Wedding Season 5 Couple Games Wedding Season 6  


Jenga is another interesting game that you can play anytime not just on your wedding day. It is the best way to spend some fun and quality time together. To make it even larger, play with giant Jenga and see who wins!   Couple Games Wedding Season 6 Couple Games Wedding Season 8  

Snake & Ladder or Giant Twister

These are one such game that will surely help you enjoy gala time with friends and family. While Snake & Ladder is fun to play and all it demands is patience, Giant twister checks your flexibility and is one of our favorite games to play with friends. So why not surprise your guests and get them to indulge in some super exciting games. Couple Games Wedding Season 9 Couple Games Wedding Season 10     So if you are planning your wedding, don’t forget to add these amazing couple games to your list as playing these will surely turn your wedding into a memorable one for both you and your guests. And don’t forget to share your experience with us. We are sure you’ll have a great time playing these games with your bae.


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