Bridal Hairstyles Perfect for The Reception Party

As soon as the wedding date gets fixed, soon to be brides plan their look that includes their attire, makeup, accessories, and most important of all their hairstyles that gives them a perfect bridal look. Since you have already planned everything for your wedding, here we bring you some amazing hairstyles that are perfect for your reception party. These bridal hairstyles for the reception are simply awesome and will augment your elegant look. Go, vow your hubby and guests with your glam look!

Bridal Hairstyles for the Reception Party

You are a new bride, and this is the time you will be introduced to your new family, including relatives and friends. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to make a positive impression. You have taken so much care with your dress and makeup, go for a lovely hairdo that is inspiring and add value to your overall ensemble. Whether you sport long or short hair, these Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for the reception will help you make a style statement. Here are a few hairstyles that you can try.

Side-swept curls

This style is perfect if you are planning to wear a gown for your reception party. It will give you just the right chic and elegant look.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 1

Image via: Amrit Kaur - Hair & Makeup   Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 2 Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.


Outward Curls

If you have shoulder-length hair, this style will be just right for you. Soft curls falling over your shoulders give you a softer, romantic look.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 3

Image Source: Instagram

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 4

Image via: Makeovers by Lavanya

Swirl pattern braid

It is a classic bridal hairstyle which is sure to help you to amp up your look.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 5

Image Source: Aarushi Oswal

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 6

Image Source: Pinterest

A graceful bun

It is one of the most popular hairstyles favored by many brides. It looks lovely and simply gorgeous.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 7

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 8

Image via Pinterest


Low Side Bun

If you wish to experiment with classic bun hairstyle, go for low side bun and wear a cold shoulder gown that helps to accentuate your looks. Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 9

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 10

Wavy Hair

You can leave your curls open and wavy all over your back. You can wear a beautiful floral hairband to enjoy a trendy look.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 11

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 12

Braided Updo

If you are a true “Boho Bride”, this style is so you! It is sure to add to your feminine appeal.  Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 13 Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 14

Ponytail Hairstyle

This is an elegant and gorgeous hairdo that makes any bride look beautiful and ethereal. 

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 15

Source Aarushi Makeup Artist

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 16

Half braided style

Braid just the upper section of your hair and leave the rest of the hair open and falling gently on your shoulders. It will help you manage your hairstyle while looking ravishing all the time. Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 17 Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 18 

Loose curls

If your hair is short and wavy, leave them loose and wear a tiara or a pretty crown to enhance your glam look! It is a perfect bridal hairstyle on a short hairstyle.Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 19

Source Amrit Kaur

Bridal Hairstyles Reception Party 20

These hairdos are sure to make you look breathtakingly beautiful and people will find it difficult to tear away their eyes from you, admiring your beauty.


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