15 Unique, Unconventional & Crazy Groom Entry Ideas

Undoubtedly, when asked, most people will reply that the bride holds the focal spot in any Indian wedding, with her attire, jewellery and beauty. However, it is actually the groom, with his cool gait, handsome look and glamorous entry that really makes the news afterward. Keeping that in mind, we bring you some inspirational, unconventional, crazy and cool groom entry ideas for an impactful entry:

#1 Recreate a famous Sholay moment and arrive in a bike with a sidecar for a full-on Bollywood feel

groom-entry-ideas (1) Image Source: The Wedding Story  

#2 Accompany gorgeous ladies to make a striking entry

groom entry ideas 2 groom entry ideas 3 Image Source: Shades Photography  
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#3 Go Vintage and ride your way to the venue in a royal style with Vintage Cars

groom entry ideas 4 Image courtesy: Naman Verma groom entry ideas 5 Image Source - Shades Photography  

#4 Show gratitude to your parents on your big day & let them walk by your side

groom entry ideas 6  
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#5 Experience the Baywatch fun and ride ATV to make a Swag wali entry

groom entry ideas 8 Image Source - Sam and Ekta Sounder Frames   groom entry ideas 9 Image Source - HMV Studio  

#6 Keep it simple & Keep it classic with motorbikes

groom entry ideas 10 Image courtesy: Going Bananas   groom entry ideas 11 Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Studio  

#7 C20 Blasters

groom entry ideas 12 Image Source : Reels & Frames  

#8 Make waves with your Maharaja style entry on a chariot

groom entry ideas 13 Image Source - Studio OM  
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  groom entry ideas 14 Photo Courtesy: Sunny Singh Photography & Films  

#9  Customize your car & make a unique groom entry just like this guy did with his batmobile!

groom entry ideas 15 Picture Courtesy: DotDusk groom entry ideas 16  

#10 Take a fun ride and make a quirky yet pleasing groom entry on a rickshaw or auto rickshaw adorned with flowers

groom entry ideas 17 Photo Courtesy: Tinselfete groom entry ideas 18 Picture Courtesy: DotDusk  

#11 Get your squad groove with you to the venue for a dhamakedaar groom entry

groom entry ideas 19 Image courtesy: Naman Verma   groom entry ideas 20 Picture Courtesy: The Lightsmiths  

#12 Cruising & Dancing on a Boat!

groom entry ideas 21 Image courtesy: Tejveer Singh   groom entry ideas 22 Image courtesy: Wedding Nama  

#13Like a Maharaja on an Elephant

groom entry ideas 23 groom entry ideas 24 Image courtesy: Wedding Nama  

#14 Segway your way to the mandap for the coolest groom entry ever!

groom entry ideas 25 Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story   groom entry ideas 27 Image Courtesy : Saurabh Gupta Photography  

#15 Want to make your guests drool over your entry?- Try Skateboard or a Double Decker Customised Mini Bus

groom entry ideas 28 Just remember that it is your day, so make sure you do everything to make it even more special. And do forget to make a groom entry that everyone remembers for a lifetime.  


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